The Truth of Genesis: The Seven Years of Tribulation, Virtual Hell On Earth!

Beginning on July sixteenth 1994, and going on for seven days, twenty pieces of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 were noticed colliding with Jupiter, with an additional one effect not being seen. There were three additional pieces that were lost plot of, making it 24 parts altogether. My translation of the occasion is that the twenty noticed influences addressed twenty years staying for the USA. The unseen effect represented the next year for the Temple in Jerusalem to start development, to be prepared for the twenty-fourth year, which is the Jubilee Year (70) for the country of Israel.

I'm not professing to have "extraordinary disclosure" Join the illuminati for wealth things to come. I couldn't foresee downpour. I'm simply speculating on what I have seen, read from the sacred texts, and how I figure specific things will make sense. In any case, as Genesis 1:14b says, "and leave them alone for signs", I announce that Yehovah, our Creator, has offered humankind an admonition hint, and has not concealed how He will respond. To that end we were given the book of the Revelation of Yeshua, our God, and King of Israel, who will rule always upon all the Earth beginning the Feast of Tabernacles, around 3035 AD.

As indicated by the Biblical (Creator's) schedule, the heavenly occasion started on the seventh day of the fifth month, named Av. The twentieth commemoration of the occasion will about fall on August fourth 2014, which is a Monday. Nonetheless, I expect that starter unrest will start Friday morning, August first, when monetary organizations say that they will be shut, and will resume on Monday... , however they will not. Resources in safe store boxes, and assets on store will be lost.

I perceive the twenty noticed effects on mean a "crash" of the United States (a long time from 1994), and President Obama will blame this so as to force Martial Law, and "different limitations" which he has at his disposal. He doesn't hope to at any point surrender the Presidency (Dictatorship). He as of now has 300 - 600,000+ unfamiliar soldiers on USA soil, imagining that he will actually want to control them. Be that as it may, things will go crazy. Out of this bedlam will come the "new world request", which will take control for three to six years (for now, I can't tell). Either the "sign of evil" (embedded micro processor) will be expected to utilize the new world cash, or it will supplant all money by and large, when the counter Christ is uncovered.

You can anticipate internments (FEMA camps), government directed common "ends" by unfamiliar and conditioned homegrown soldiers, silly mobs, division of the 50 states into provincial regions run by President Obama's friends, loss of individual flexibilities and intense mistreatment of (valid) Christians and Jews. Be that as it may, the end isn't yet. This is only the primary year, and the Temple in Jerusalem presumably won't start development until July of 2015. Six additional long periods of misfortune are to follow. We can anticipate battles among countries, since the USA will at this point not be ready to maintain order, and from now on, Israel, which is the head (God inclined toward) country on Earth, will remain solitary until after the Day of Trumpets, in 2028 AD.

Many will be astonished by the amount of the evil of humanity that will "appear unexpectedly". The skeptics will mistreat devotees on one side, the Muslims on the other, and the freethinkers ruining in the center. From the flanks will come the devotees of Satan, who believe that they will govern what's left of the world, and figure that they will be protected (in pre-arranged caves) from the fury to come, yet illness will break their positions. Indeed, it will be virtual Hell on Earth, and I have not yet even referenced the peculiarities, the appalling and unholy substances that will be loosed upon the Earth. It will resemble the most frightening film made, become fully awake.

Anticipate Russia, Iran, and Turkey to frame a detestable alliance. There presumably will be another seven country alliance (European) that will later go under control of the head of the initial three. That's what I believe (third) pioneer will be of the nation of Turkey (lord of the North).

Alongside the supporters of Lucifer (Illuminati?), we likely will see the evil of Islam sink their paws into society, alongside the remainders of the Constantine system. That makes two arrangements of "unholy trinities". The last three can be anticipated to cause distress, while different struggles are being seethed all over the planet. Yet at the same time, this is just the initial three years of hardship. When the counter Christ is uncovered, and his "mark" is lay out, things get most exceedingly terrible as the vials of torments are poured upon the Earth from Heaven, and the trumpets start to sound.

Allow me to say this at this point. There is no "pre", or "mid" affliction joy. I rehash. There is no "pre" or "mid" affliction joy! That has been misleading precept that was instructed through obliviousness and "living in fantasy land". Devotees, who were "caught unaware" by such bogus convention, will turn on different adherents, to (briefly) take care of themselves. Kindly read the accompanying:

first Corinthians 15

51 Behold, I shew you a secret; We will not all rest, yet we will be in every way different,

52 In a second, in the sparkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised honest, and we will be changed.

When the joy of the holy people starts, there are no more trumpets to sound. So emerge from refusal, and face the reality of sacred writing, which some of you guarantee to accept. Jesus won't return until after the militaries of the counter Christ accumulate in Megiddo, for the primary clash of Armageddon, and their tissue is diced by Yeshua and eaten by the fowls of the air. (I can't help thinking about how/why ponies will become an integral factor).

There are seven trumpets, passed up seven heavenly messengers in the book of Revelation. I'm convinced that the seven trumpets won't start until after the counter Christ proclaims himself to be "god", and profanes the new Temple. That is part of the way through the affliction time frame. Regardless, the seventh trumpet doesn't sound until after the two observers (Elijah and Enoch) finish their 3 ½ year declaration against the counter Christ, they are killed, and are left lying dead in the road for 84 hours. Then, at that point, the two observer are raised from the dead, are up to speed to Heaven, and are to give their report to the High Priest (Yeshua).

Just a short time later does the seventh holy messenger sound his trumpet (Rev 11: 3 - 15), and there is one more trumpet to follow, after Jesus kills the militaries of the counter Christ with swords from His mouth, and the counter Christ and bogus prophet are projected into the Lake of Fire. Around then are the dead in Christ raised... , and not before then, at that point! So where do these bogus instructors get a pre-trib satisfaction from? The congregation of Jesus is so "fleshly" as of now, that she should wash in blood and incredible abuse to purge herself, to be prepared for the Groom (Yeshua). Peruse Matthew 24:21 and Revelation 7:14.

Jesus (Yeshua) is coming from the sky, so that all can see Him. He isn't contacting the ground, so accept no gossip that Jesus is anyplace on Earth. Try not to be a numbskull!! Peruse Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21. Jesus will be joined by heavenly messengers, and not strolling anyplace ashore or ocean!! Be not misdirected!

Having expressed all of this, there is a method for enduring everything, and have "joy ever later", to be examined in the following part, when "the brimstone hits the fan"!

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